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 At BrightStar Discovery Center, we know that children learn best through activities that capture their interests. To support them, we will work to create an environment which fosters natural exploration and discovery learning. We want to encourage an environment of curiosity, consistency. and emotional safety for self and others.  


At BrightStar Discovery Center we will use two models that support our philosophy. These models will form the pillars for how we will interact with your children, and with each other as a community.
First is Leading Out of Drama (LOD®), a framework for understanding the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that contribute to negative drama, and how to make healthy, compassionate accountability choices instead. We believe that healthy conflict is a foundational life-skill. Our teachers will learn and apply this model to improve their self-awareness and ability to role-model healthy, constructive conflict. Further, they will coach students in applying these principles in their interactions as well, and in the process, develop openness, resourcefulness, and persistence as life skills.

Compassionate Accountability is an approach to life that balances care, concern, and empathy with accountability and attention to behavioral responsibility. This approach will be role modeled and taught to children at an age-appropriate level. For example, twelve months to two-year old’s will experience the difference between struggling against someone (drama) and struggling together with someone towards a positive outcome (compassion). They will start exploring what it means to be open and assertive. Two to Five-year old’s will learn and practice skills using a visual and kinesthetic “floor model” that appeals to all learning styles and creates a common language for the community. Students will be encouraged and coached to use these strategies when communicating with peers and staff. Our hope is that you will see them applying what they’ve learned at home too!

Second is the Process Communication Model (PCM®), a behavior-based model focusing on communication as the key to appreciating and valuing diversity. Self-awareness around individual preferences and needs, awareness of others, and ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental social-emotional life-skill we want to help develop in students. Staff will set up the classrooms for individuals to learn academically and socially using their individual strengths and gifts. When students are  ready they will also practice learning how to communicate and interact outside their own comfort zone, building their appreciation for, and effectiveness in interaction with people different from themselves. PCM will also be used between staff members to connect and motivate each other while working.
Our overall goal is to create an environment where staff and students are learning and living 
the most effective social and emotional skills for success in life.

Our Programs

BrightStar Discovery Center will be utilizing the Process Communication Model (PCM®) and the Leading Out of Drama (LOD®) program while interacting with the children in all aspects of the curriculum.  This will allow children to develop 1. self-esteem and positive self-image; 2.  Social interaction skills; 3. Self-expression and communication skills.  


Toddlers are at a critical stage of development where they are more active, curious and mobile. Our teachers will focus on giving each child space and opportunities to learn and develop in a safe environment where they can begin building their own confidence and abilities. We encourage discovery and learning through hands-on experiences, more outside time and focus on building their early critical thinking skills. 

3-5  year olds

Still full of curiousity, children are starting to interact with their peers and adults. Teachers will role model social responsibility, confidence, persistence, and an openness to share feelings.  We will model and teach how to work through conflict, own their choices, and build self-awareness.